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Sunday 21st of April
From Terence Phillips and Aaron Danker
Your Online Marketing Teachers

A successful online business is the result of many small things done right. Think of it like a sophisticated piece of machinery. It works best when all the parts are laser-cut, greased up, fine-tuned, do their job properly and everything works cohesively together. One thing out of place and the system stops.

The same can be said about your business. Small things make a huge difference like your traffic source... how you bring visitors to your website... what free gift you offer... what you sell... how you sell it... how it's delivered... how you follow-up with your customers... what tools you use... how you use them and so on.

You need to get everything right because ONE kink in the chain can ruin the whole process and bring everything to a hault. That's why it's so important to get everything right from the start... so you're not guessing your way to success.

We've poured all our best video lessons into ONE mammoth membership that will take you from a novice to complete expert in no time. Even if you've been chipping away at your business for years and not getting the results you want, this will speed up your success.

Everything is laid out perfectly for you in an organized and logical fashion... so you can get the information you need when you need it... so you can learn at your own pace... and get results fast.

Want to use a different payment processor but don't know how to set it up?... Bam it's there. Want to create a professional looking landing page but don't know what software to use, or how to use it?... We've got you covered. Not sure where or how to sell your courses and need guidance to list your products for sale?... Consider it done.

You can log in at any time, from any device, watch what you need, when you need it and learn at your own pace. If something was hard to understand first time round, simply stop, pause and replay a session.

Here's a taster of what's inside...

Shopping Carts, Payment Processors and Affiliate Networks...

PayPal Tutorials

PayPal Overview
Account Types and Fees
Terms of Service
Create an Account
Profile Account Settings - Part 1
Profile Account Settings - Part 2
Profile Account Settings - Part 3
Funding Account Set Up
Setting Up Payment Preferences
Adding Funds to PayPal Account
Requesting Funds Through PayPal
Transferring Funds Through PayPal
Sending Funds With PayPal
Mobile App Set Up
Making Payments With PayPal
Sending Invoices
Selling on a Marketplace
Selling on Your Website
Getting Help From PayPal
Set Up Paypal Here App
Set Up PayPal Button - Part 1
Set Up PayPal Button - Part 2
Set Up PayPal Button - Part 3
Setting Up Funnels With PayPal
PayPal and Autoresponder Integration
PayPal and Other Autoresponders
Connect to Webinars & Zoom
Connect to WordPress
Connect to Membership Platforms
Connect to Amember Membership
Integrate with Zapier
Integrate Autoresponder With Zapier
Integrate to GoToWebinar Through Zapier
Create a Subcription Product
Integrate with Wordpress
Integrate with Autoresponder
Integrate with Webinars

Stripe Tutorials

Stripe Overview
Stripe Pricing
Create a Stripe Account
Business Settings
Payout Settings
Security Settings
Stripe Checkout
Setting Up a Stripe Pay Button
Stripe Default Billing Settings
Stripe Radar for Fraud
Payments and Disputes Dashboards
Balance Payouts and Transactions
Customer Dashboard
Products Dashboad
Mobile Access to Stripe
Invoicing Customers Through Stripe
Integrate Stripe on Affiliate Networks
Integrate Stripe With Shopping Carts
Stripe Internal Integrations
Stripe Tracking
Stripe Subscriptions Buttons
Stripe and Wordpress
Wordpress Customer E-mails
Integrate Stripe with Wishlist Member
Integrate Stripe with Optimizepress
Integrate Stripe With Form Builders
Mobile in Person Payments - Part 1
Mobile in Person Payments - Part 2
Mobile in Person Payments - Part 3
Integrate Stripe With SurveyMonkey
Integrate Stripe With Zapier
Create a Product on Stripe
Sell the Product Through Checkout
Invoicing for Personal Coaching
Doing a Live Event With Eventbrite
Live Event in Person Sale on Mobile
Integrate Stripe with Autoresponder
Integrate Stripe with Webinars

JVZoo Tutorials

JVZoo Network Overview
Setup JVZoo Account
Setup Payoneer for Affiliate Payments
Vendor Payment Profile Setup
GDPR General Data Protection
My Account Profile Setup
JVZoo Pay Settings
Integrate Autoresponder After Sale
Retreive Affiliate Product Link
Affiliate - Add Autoresponders
Affiliate - Add Bonus to Promotion
Part 1 Indentification
Part 2 Checkout Page
Part 3 Custom Reciept
Part 4 Product Delivery
Part 5 Advanced Settings
Part 6 Scan and Compliance
Create a Buy Button
Create a Test Purchase
Enable Affiliate Promotions - Part 1
Enable Affiliate Promotions - Part 2
Enable Affiliate Promotions - Part 3
Enable a Private Sale for Affiliates
Enable Upsells as a Vendor - Part 1
Enable Upsells as a Vendor - Part 2
Research a Sale as a Vendor
Research Transactions as an Affiliate
Blacklist Undesirable Customers
Cloud Based Services With Zapier
Webinars Through Webimate - Part 1
Webinars Through Webimate - Part 2
Addi Webinar Applications With Zapier
Extend Applications Zapier
Promote a Product and Collect Leads
Product Listing and Upsell
Create a Webimate
Integrate JVZoo Through Zapier


ClickBank Tutorials

ClickBank Overview
Create a Clickbank Account
Clickbank Account Settings
Clickbank Affiliate Settings
Affiliate Link Set Up - Part 1
Affiliate Link Set Up - Part 2
Affiliate Link Set Up - Part 3
Affiliate and Vendor Payments
Direct Integrations
Zapier Connection
Connect Autoresponders With Zapier
Connect to Membership Platforms
Create Your Pitch or Sales Page
Add Clickbank Trust Badge
Create Your Thank You Page
Create Your Payment Link
Create a My Product Page
Create a Test Purchase
Approval and Activation Charge
Connect to Mailchimp
Connect to Zoom
Connect to GoToWebinar
Adding an Upsell
Adding a Downsell
Decline Link in Upsell and Downsells
Affiliate Management - Part 1
Affiliate Management - Part 2
Physical Products - Part 1
Physical Products - Part 2
Recurring Billing Products - Part 1
Recurring Billing Products - Part 2
Clickbank Product Variations - Part 1
Clickbank Product Variations - Part 2
Sales Page and Thank You Page
Create a Product
Create and Test Payment Link
Create an Upsell and Downsell
Create the Decline Link

WarriorPlus Tutorials

WarriorPlus Overview
Affiliate Menu Walkthrough
Account Settings Menu
Buyer Marketplace Menu
Vendor Menu Walkthrough
Creating an Offer
Creating Products
Connect Products With Offer
Create and Connect Sales Pages
Deliver Your Products
Testing Your Purchases
Tracking Statistics
Warrior Affiliate Landing Page
Manage Affiliates
Commision Rules
Warrior JV Contract
Create Affiliate Contests
Create Coupons
Customer Research
Time Sale Setup
Limited Quantity End of Sale
WarriorPlus Exit Pop Setup
Recurring Income Setup
Increase Your Affiliate's Income
Split Test Setup
Pre Launch Setup
Upsell Setup
Countdown Timer Setup
Keywords and Promotion
Understand Parameters of Marketplace
WarriorPlus Data Export Points
Time Saving Product and Page Relationships
Marketplace Menu Research
Advanced Funnel Setup - Part 1
Advanced Funnel Setup - Part 2
Page Setup for Advanced Funnel - Part 1
Page Setup for Advanced Funnel - Part 2

Zaxaa Tutorials

Zaxaa Overview
Zaxaa Pricing and Plans
Create a Zaxaa Account
Interface Walkthrough
Affiliate Mode Account Settings
Affiliate Marketplace
Choose and Request Product to Promote
Approved Products and Promotions
Create Your Affiliate Bonus
The Zaxaa Referral Program
Seller Mode Payment Integration Settings
Front Store Settings
Seller Mode - Autoresponder Settings
Seller Mode - Blacklist Settings
Seller Mode - Product Access Settings
Seller Mode - Create a Product Part 1
Seller Mode - Create a Product Part 2
Seller Mode - Create a Product Part 3
Seller Mode - Create a Product Part 4
Archive Product
Affiliate Settings
Add Affiliates to a Product
Integrate E-mail System for Birdsend
Autoresponder Trial Setup
Integration With Zaxaa
Add Contacts to the Autoresponder
Send Broadcast E-mails
Add E-mail Sequences
Add Opt-in Forms - Part 1
Add Opt in Forms - Part 2
Using Coupons
Using Webinars
Integrate Zapier With Your Account
Upgrade for Additional Features
E-mail Tagging
E-mail Personas
E-mail Rules - Part 1
E-mail Rules - Part 2

ThriveCart Tutorials

Thrivecart Overview
Thrivecart Plans and Pricing
Vendor Platform and Profile
Affiliate Platform and Profile
Thrivecart Affiliate Program
Access to the Affiliate Platform
Account Wide Settings Invoices
Account Wide Settings Customer Hub
Blackslisting Customers
Compliance Settings
Integration With Payment Gateways
Integration With Autoresponders
Integration With Memberships
Integration With Fulfillment
Integration With Zapier
Create Products - Part 1
Create Products - Part 2
Customer Experience
Customer Research - Part 1
Customer Research - Part 2
Product Setup for Affiliates
Upsell Creation - Part 1
Upsell Creation - Part 2
Downsell Creation
Coupon Creation
Split Test Creation
Subscription Creation
Subscription Management
Affiliate Management - Part 1
Affiliate Management - Part 2
Partner Setup
Partner Management
POD Integration Kunaki
POD Integration Printful
POD Integration Lulu
Live Example Setup - Part 1
Live Example Setup - Part 2
Live Example Setup - Part 3
Live Example Setup - Part 4

Bitcoin Tutorials

Bitcoin Overview
Bitcoin and Stripe
Setup With Bitpay
Cloud Based Network - Part 1
Cloud Based Network - Part 2
Cloud Based Network - Part 3
Create a Product in SendOwl
Adding Autoresponder
Adding Coupons
Adding Upsells
Adding an Affiliate Program
The Rocketr Network
Setup Bitcoin in Rocketr
Add a Product in Rocketr
Add a Pay Button
Add Rocketr Pay Button to Site
Setup Affiliates in Rocketr
Adding Coupons in Rocketr
E-mail Marketing in Rocketr
Blacklisting Buyers
Wordpress and Bitcoin
Wordpress vs Shopify
Setup Shopify
Accept Bitcoin with Shopify - Part 1
Accept Bitcoin with Shopify - Part 2
Promote Shopify Products with Email
Promote Shopify Products to Youtubers
Wordpress Installation
Wordpress Plugin - Digital Paybox
Bitpay and WP eCommerce
WP eCommerce Settings
Installing Woocommerce
WooCommerce Plugin Setup - Part 1
WooCommerce Plugin Setup - Part 2
WooCommerce Plugin Setup - Part 3
WooCommerce Plugin Setup - Part 4
Affiliate with Woo Commerce
WooCommerce Theme Customization
WooCommerce Autoresponders

Windows, cPanel and File Management...

Windows Tutorials

Windows Overview
File Explorer File Menu - Part 1
File Explorer File Menu - Part 2
File Explorer Home Menu
File Explorer Share Menu
File Explorer View Menu - Part 1
File Explorer View Menu - Part 2
File Explorer Search Menu
Manage Your Desktop
Manage Your Display
Manage Cortana Voice Assist
Quick Assist Settings
Media Streaming Settings
Recording a Screen Video
Recording an Audio
Taking a Snapshot of Your Screen
Recording Your Steps
Capturing Webcam Video
Adding Applications
Manage Start Up Speed
Manage Open Applications
Manage Hard Drive Space
Manage Hard Drive & Storage Sense
Manage Frozen Applications
Manage Your PC Remotely - Part 1
Manage Your PC Remotely - Part 2
Manage Desktop Notifications Focus Assist
Linking Your Mobile Device
Manage Backups and Restore Points
Manage Default Applications
Manage Your Workspace
Microsoft Edge Write Notes
Manage Edge Dot Menu
Manage Edge Settings Menu Link
Manage Edge With Cortana
Manage Default Applications With Edge
Manage Lost Windows
Manage Voice Recognition

cPanel Tutorials

cPanel Basic Overview
Files Section
File Section File Manager
FTP Accounts
Domain Section
Site Publisher Domain Section
Sub Domains
E-mail Section
E-mail Accounts
E-mail Section Forwarders
Spam Monitoring
Metrics Section
Security Hotlink Protection
IP Blocker Security Section
Site Software Software Section
Advanced Section
Preferences Section
Fantastico Walkthrough
Create a Wordpress Website
Ad Management Applications
Analytics Apps
Calendar Applications
Live Chat Websites
OS Ticket
Ecom and Shopping Carts
Project Management
Learning Management System
Create an Online Forum
Image Galleries Photoblog
WikiMedia Wiki
Audio App Podcast Generator
Video Apps Clipbucket
Gaming Apps Cloud Realms
Guestbook Apps Advanced Guestbook
RSS Apps Feed on Feeds
CRM Citrus Customer Relations Management

Amazon S3 Tutorials

Amazon S3 Overview
Amazon S3 Plan Pricing
Set Up Amazon S3 Account
File Storage
File Interface Filezilla
File Interface Cloudberry
File Delivery
File Backup - Part 1
File Backup - Part 2
File Sharing
Cloud Transfers
Zapier Connection - Part 1 Dropbox
Zapier Connection - Part 2 Google Drive
Hosting Multimedia on S3
Using a Multimedia Interface on S3
Host Multimedia on S3
File Protection
Tracking Bandwidth
Embed Amazon S3 Video on Static HTML
Create and Configure a Bucket
Add a Bucket Policy
Uploading and Testing
Using Your Own Domain
Custom Domain - Part 1 Configuration
Custom Domain - Part 2 Buckets
Custom Domain - Part 3 Redirect
Custom Domain - Part 4 Domain Offsite
Custom Domain - Part 5 Alias
Custom Domain - Part 6 Testing
Wordpress Installation - Part 1
Wordpress Installation - Part 2
Wordpress Backup to S3
Wordpress Media Offload to S3
Serving Website Images From Amazon S3
Embedding Media Into Wordpress
Embedding S3 Video in Wordpress
Securing Downloads in S3 and Wordpress

Video Animation, Audio and Image Editing...

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Overview
Photoshop Licensing Options
Basic File Types and Options
Interface Walkthrough
Create a Basic Canvas
Understand Layers
Using the Move Tool
Create Shapes
Using the Marquee Tool
Picking Colors
Filling With Paintbucket
Use the Eraser Tool
Use the Text Tool
Import Images
Size and Resize Images
Using Transparent Layers
Trimming with Crop Tool
Add Effects With Layer Styles
Rotate Images and Layers
Have Graphic Designs Created
Make PSD File Thumbnails Visible
Create a Simple Design - Part 1
Create a Simple Design - Part 2
Change the Backgrond Image
Change the Font or Text
Work With Photoshop Actions
Sources for Photoshop Actions
Select Photoshop Actions
Create Photoshop Actions - Part 1
Create Photoshop Actions - Part 2
Show Transform Controls
Create a Multiple 3D Image Shot
Size of File Formats
Save for Certain File Formats
Live Application - Part 1
Live Application - Part 2
Multiple Shot Live Application

Canva Design Tutorials

Canva Overview
Canva Plans and Pricing
Mobile Application
Profile and Settings
Brand Kit Upgrade
Inviting Team Members
Template Designs
Designing From Scratch
Sharing Content
Editing Designs Elements
Element Menu and Text Elements
Background Settings
Upload Your Content
Edit Designs & Other Content
Content Output Download
Content Output Presentations
Output Direct to Social Media
Output Direct to Powerpoint
Output Direct to Website
Output to Business Cards
Output to Posters
Output to Flyer
Output to Postcards
Output to Invitations
Canva for Work Trial
Canva for Work Resize
Canva for Work Brand Kit
Canva for Work Animation
Canva for Work Images Accesss
Canva for Work Folders and Storage
Canva for Work Transparent Background
Canva for Work Special Fonts
Pinterest Pin
Business Card
Facebook Event Cover
Instagram Post
Youtube Thumbnail

Audacity Audio Tutorials

Audacity Overview
Download and Install
Audacity Toolbar - Part 1
Audacity Toolbar - Part 2
Hardware Needed
Import Content
Extract Audio From MP4
Create Projects and Project Files
Create a Simple Recording
Label Tracks
Add Metadata
Using Track View Features
Add Tracks
Noise Reduction and Normalization
Doing Simple Edits
Split Tracks
Adjust Audio Speed
Export Audio - Part 1
Export Audio - Part 2
Line-In Audio
Hardware Configuration for Project
Record on Facebook Live
Record an Interview on Skype
Noise Reduction and Normalization
Add Introductory Ending Comments
Add Bumper Music
Create the Metadata
Edit Out Unwanted Audio
Speed Up Editing Process
Speed Up the Final Recording
Work With Your Project Files
Split Tracks for Editing
Label Segments
Export the Snippets
Host Your Audio
Make Your Audio Available Publicly
Record Computer Audio - Part 1
Record Computer Audio - Part 2

Video Animation Tutorials

Video Animation Overview
Adding Vyond Resources
Interface and Timeline
Adding Templates
Character Library
Character Properties - Part 1
Character Properties - Part 2
Character Properties - Part 3
Using the Props Library
Using the Props Properties
Chart Properties - Part 1
Chart Properties - Part 2
Using the Text Library
Using Text Properties
Adding Scene Transitions
Whiteboard Animation - Part 1
Whiteboard Animation - Part 2
Add Camera to Zoom in
Video Animation Advance Overview
Video Scripts From Existing Video
Video Scripts From Existing Audio
Video Scripts From Existing Article
Video Scripts From Existing PowerPoints
Script Structure and Storyboard
Audio Recording and Voiceover Setup
Narration of Your Audio Script
Create Scene Timings
Upload the Audio to Vyond
Adding in Music
Scene Theme Selections
Storyboarding Scenes
Contemporary vs Whiteboard Style
Storyboarding Whiteboard Style Videos
Add Images to Whitebord Videos
Add Camera and Exit Effect to Images
Change Background and the Text
Add Transitions to Sync Audio and Video

SnagIt Capture Tutorials

Snagit Overview
Snagit Plans and Prices
Snagit Interface
Snagit Capture Settings
Snagit Menu Preferences
Using the All in One Capture Tool
Using Capture Tool to Create a Video
Capture Tool to Get Panoramic Image - Part 1
Capture Tool to Get Panoramic Image - Part 2
Capture Window - Image Tab Selection Box
Capture Window - Image Tab Effects Box
Capture Window - Effects Box Multiple Effects
Capture Window - Share Box File and Formats
Using the Capture Window
Using Techsmith Screencast Hosting
Sharing Image Content to Screencast
Sharing Image Content to Desktop Programs
Sharing Images to Multiple Locations
Using the Video Recording Window
Sharing Your Recording on Screencast
File Menu - Part 1
File Menu - Part 2
Edit Menu Editor Preferences
Tools Menu Walkthrough
Working With Stamps
Working With the Arrow and Text Tools
Working With the Callout Tool
Resize Image and Canvas
Rotating Canvas Snapping and Color Tools
Using the Library
The View Menu
View Menu Zoom in and Out Tools
Image Menu Effects and Arrange Tabs
Image Menu Move Tool
Image Menu Blur Tool
Canvas Creation
Canvas Creation With Multiple Images
Turn Video Into Gif Using Editor

Email Marketing, Landing Page Builders, SMS Text Messages, CRM Lessons...

Aweber Email Tutorials

Aweber Overview
List Creation and Settings - Part 1
List Creation and Settings - Part 2
Importing Subscribers
Create Opt-in Forms
Sending Broadcasts - Part 1
Sending Broadcasts - Part 2
Send Follow Ups
Send Blog Broadcasts
Basic Automation
Tracking Opt-ins and Sales
Using Reports
Parsing and Integrations
Create Email Campaigns
Create Campaign Messeges
Create Triggers
Choosing Actions
Customize the Action
Activation and Editing
Wait Time Rule
Campaign Segmentation
Tag Based Campaigns
Tagging Through Forms
Manually Tag Existing Subscibers
Bulk Tagging Existing Subscribers
Moving Subscribers to Another Campaign
Trigger Campaigns With Tags
Broadcasting to a Tag Segment
Add Sent Broadcasts to a Campaign
Customers Resigning Up to List
Taging Customers Through an API
New Subscriber Campaign
Message Creation
Campaign Creation Trigger
Campaign Trigger Customization
Message Send and Selection
Using Wait Time
Applying Tags and Saving Campaign
Send Broadcast After the Campaign

GetResponse Tutorials

GetResponse Overview
GetReponse Account Creation
Account Settings
Create Campaign List - Part 1
Create Campaign List - Part 2
Create Sign Up Forms - Part 1
Create Sign Up Forms - Part 2
Importing and Adding Contacts
Managing Lists
Suppression Lists
Create Broadcast Newsletters
Create Autoresponder Follow Ups
Create Landing Pages - Part 1
Create Landing Pages - Part 2
Create and Deploy Surveys - Part 1
Create and Deploy Surveys - Part 2
Pre-loading Messages
Using Analytics
GetResponse Integrations
Integrate Webinars
Templates for Automation
Workflow Automation From Scratch
Automation Process Basic Triggers
Automation Process Tag Based Triggers
Automation With E-commerce Triggers
Customizing Conditions or Triggers
Basic Actions
Tagging Based Actions
Customizing Actions
Customizing Filters - Part 1
Customizing Filters - Part 2
Setup a Trigger
Setup an Action
Creating Filters
Tagging Subscribers
Setup Tag Based Campaign Trigger
Setup Tag Based Campaign Actions
Setup Tag Based Campaign Filters

MailChimp Tutorials

MailChimp Overview
Affiliate Marketing Notes
Create Lists
Import Contacts
Create Signup Forms
Replicate and Combine Lists
Settings and Configuration
MailChimp Direct Integration
Direct Integration With Zapier
Secure Your Account
Domain Verification
Create a Broadcast E-mail
Create Autoresponder Follow Ups
Basic List Automation
Create a Campaign Basics
Create and Use Templates
Create and Use Landing Pages
Connect MailChimp to Wordpress
E-mail Design and Themes
Advanced List Management
Track Opt-in Sources
Manage Facebook Ad Campaigns
Tag Subscribers
Transactional E-mail - Part 1
Transactional E-mail - Part 2
Advanced Automation Features
Advanced Direct Integration Features
Integrations With MailChimp
Alternative Integrations
Connected Sites
MailChimp Retargeted Ads
Follow-up Connecting Your Site
E-mail Unopens
E-mails Based on Site Activity
Advanced Segmentation
Split Testing
Use Merge Tags in MailChimp
Create Dynamic Content in E-mails

ActiveCampaign Tutorials

ActiveCampaign Overview
ActiveCampaign Account Setup
Affiliate and Partner Programs
Affiliate Marketing Policy
Settings Walkthrough
Trial Limitations
Zapier Integrations
Internal Integrations
Adding Contacts
Contact Management Tools
Create Lists
List Management Tools
Create Campaign Broadcast E-mail
Campaign Management Tools
Create Autoresponders
Create Forms
Reports and Confirmation
Create Deals
Manage Deals
Automations Recipe Based
Customizing the Triggers
Actions Based on Triggers
E-mail Authentication - Part 1
E-mail Authenticaiton - Part 2
E-mail Mail Tester
Google Postmaster Tools - Part 1
Google Postmaster Tools - Part 2
Poor Sender Remedies
Setup and Integration Wordpress
Setup a Zapier Integration
Create a List
Create a Form
Create a Newsletter
Create Automated Message
Create a Tag
Create a Tag Based Automation
Create a Deal Plus Automations
ActiveCampaign Advance Conclusion

SendGrid Email Tutorials

SendGrid Overview
SendGrid Plans and Pricing
Account Details and Settings
SendGrid for Transactions
Create Transactional Templates
Whitelabel Email and Domain
Custom Footers
Event Notification
Other Mail Settings
SendGrid for Marketing
Unsubscribe Groups
Sender Identities
Manage Contacts
Manage Campaigns
Use Templates
Email Authentication
Tracking and Reputation
Supressions and Reputation
Research and Trace Email
Deliverability Statistics
Wordpress E-mail and Spam
Wordpress Memberships and Systems
WP SendGrid Plugin
WP Swift Mailer Plugin for SMTP
Create a Second SendGrid Account
Add New SendGrid Account to Wordpress
Transactional Template Set Up
Whitelabel Domain Walk Through
Whitelabel E-mail Walkthrough
WP Marketing E-mail Widget
Upload and Export Contacts
Create and Explore Segments
Split Testing Campaigns
Split Testing Campaigns E-mail Content
Integrations With Zapier
PayPal SendGrid Integration With Zapier
SurveyMonkey SendGrid With Zapier
Shopify Sendgrid With Zapier

LeadPages Tutorials

LeadPages Overview
LeadPages Account Creation
Affiliate Program
Setup Your Autoresponder
Setup Your Webinar
Setup Your Lead Magnet
Setup Your Branded Domain
Drag and Drop Template System
LeadPages Template System
Create Pages From Scratch
Setup Newsletter or E-course
Setup Free Guide Page
Setup Webinar Event Page
Setup Free Consultation
Sales Page Wizard
Business Page Wizard
Business Page Wizard Thank You Page
Business Page Wizard About Me Page
Business Page Wizard Coming Soon Page
Setup Wordpress Plugin
Conversion Tools Pop Ups
Conversion Tools Alert Bars
Opt-in Texts - Part 1
Opt-in Texts - Part 2 Testing
Trigger Links - Part 1
Trigger Links - Part 2 Testing
Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway
Integrate PayPal Payment Gateway
Zapier Integrations
Autoresponder Integration
Lead Manget Integration
Setup Opt-in Page
Sales Page Connection
Payment Gateway Connection
Conversion Tools Alert Bar Setup
Webinar Connection
System Test

ConvertKit Email Tutorials

ConvertKit Overview
ConvertKit Account Setup
Account Settings - Part 1
Account Settings - Part 2
Team Management
Add Subscribers - Part 1
Add Subscribers - Part 2
Create Forms
Create Landing Pages - Part 1
Create Landing Pages - Part 2
Setup Sending Address
Create a Broadcast - Part 1
Create a Broadcast - Part 2
Create a Sequence - Part 1
Create a Sequence - Part 2
ConvertKit Integrations - Part 1
ConvertKit Integrations - Part 2
ConvertKit Integrations - Part 3
Create Automations - Part 1
Create Automations - Part 2
Setup Automation Rules
Automation Rules - Part 1
Automation Rules - Part 2
RSS Really Simple Syndication
Stripe Integration
Zapier Connection
Zapier and Event Management
Zapier and Webinars
Zapier and Course Management
Zapier and Scheduling Applications
Zapier and Autoresponders
Zapier and Patreon
Landing Page Creation
Landing Page to Wordpress
Add to Tags
Subscribe to a Sequence
RSS Blog Feed
Add to Zoom Webinar
Backing Up the List

Twilio SMS Tutorials

Twilio Overview
Twilio Account Creation
Twilio Plans and Pricing
Get a Twilio Number
Twilio Studio Walkthrough
Create Flows SMS Autoresponder
Account Upgrade Notes
Troubleshooting SMS Flow
Call Forwarding
Voice Recording
Gather Input on the Call
Say-play Set Up
Account Settings
Twilio Stats
Twilio and Slack Integration
Zendesk and Twilio via Zapier
Twilio and Zapier Integration
Messages Read by Twilio via Zapier
SMS Email via Zapier
E-mail to SMS via Zapier
Build Phone Tree
Part 1 Gather Input Widget
Part 2 Split Conditions
Part 3 Connect Call Widget
Part 4 Test the System
Build SMS Survey
Part 1 Initital Setup
Part 2 Check Response Widget
Part 3 Answer Widget
Build SMS Survey - Test the System
Twilio and Twitter Integration
Twilio and Wordpress Integration
Twilio and Dropbox Upload Recordings
Twilio and Zoom SMS Registratrant Notify
Twilio and Autoresponder Integration
GoToWebinar New Attendee SMS
Stripe Integration New Customer SMS
EventBrite Event New Attendee SMS
SMS Autoresponder Welcome Message
Call Forwarding
Phone Number Forwarding Notes

Amazon SES Tutorials

Amazon SES Overview
Amazon SES Pricing
Most Common Uses for SES
SES Terms and Marketing E-mail
GDPR Considerations
Setup and Authentication
Domain Authentication
From E-mail and Authentication
Notifications and Authentication
Deliverability Domains
Deliverability E-mail Address
Deliverability Links Dedicated IP
Content and Deliverability
Test Sites and Deliverability
Double or Single Opt-in Deliverability
Using Interface and SMTP Credentials
Third-Part SES Tools - Part 1
Third-Part SES Tools - Part 2
Third-Part SES Tools - Part 3
Server Based Systems
Cost vs Cloud Based Interfaces
Server Based Unzip and Upload Mautic
Installing Mautic and Troubleshooting
Server Based Setup Process
Download Sendy and Server Upload
Sendy FTP File Permissions
Sendy Installation and User Creation
Sendy E-mail Verification
Cloud Based Setup Process
E-mail Octopus
E-mail Octopus SES Access
E-mail Octopus Connection
E-mail Octopus Website Domains
Sendy Wordpress Integration
E-mail Octopus Wordpress Install
WP Basic Setup
WP Plugin Setup
WP Interface SES Connection
WP Transactional and Notifcation E-mails
WP Newsletter E-mail Paid Plugin
Amazon SES Advance Conclusion

Blogging and Website Building Lessons...

WordPress Blogging Tutorials

WordPress Overview
Installing Wordpress
Basics of WordPress
Backup Your Wordpress Site
Upgrading Wordpress
Finding Compatible Themes
Using the Default Theme
The Editor Layout - Part 1
The Editor Layout - Part 2
Adding Blocks
Customizing Blocks
Manipulating Blocks - Part 1
Manipulating Blocks - Part 2
Adding and Customizing Text
Adding Images
Adding Lists
Adding Videos
Adding Audio
Image Overlay
Quotes and Pull Quotes
Media and Text Blocks
Uploading Files
Inserting Tables
Poetry Verse Block
Adding Buttons
Adding Columns
Seperators and Spaces
Adding Widgets
General Embed Element
Embed Youtube and Vimeo
Embed Screencast Video
Embed Imgur and Flickr
Embeds Slideshare and Speaker Desk
Embed Scrbd Documents
Embed Facebook Instagram and Twitter
Embed Spotify and SoundCloud
Embed Meetup Ted and Kickstarter
Switching to the Classic Editor

HTML Site Building Tutorials

HTML Overview
Uses for HTML
HTML Editing Programs
Editing From FTP
Page Extension Names
Folder Management
Above the Page Body
Opening and Closing Tags
Headers and Titles
Text Manipulation
Color Manipulation
Create Hyperlinks
Add Images
Ordered Lists
Breaks and Paragraphs
Text Image Alignment
Comment Out Code
Add iframe Content
Divider Tags
HTML and Youtube
Affiliate Networks
HTML in iTunes
HTML in PayPal
HTML in WarriorPlus
HTML in Autoresponders
HTML in Sales Pages Headers
HTML in Sales Pages Images
HTML in Sales Pages Sales Videos
HTML in Sales Pages Font
HTML in Sales Pages Alignment
HTML in Sales Pages Buttons
HTML in Microsoft Word
HTML in Wordpress
HTML in Web Browser and Source Code

ClickFunnels Funnel Building Tutorials

ClickFunnels Overview
ClickFunnels Plans and Prices
Account Settings
Integrate Stripe
SMTP Email Settings
Funnel Dashboard
Editor Apps
Editor Settings
Editor Sections Rows and Columns
Adding Audio and Video
Adding Content
Adding Timers
Adding in Forms and Surveys
Opt-in Page Confirm-Page
Download Page Setup
Setup a Sales Page
Setup a Download Page
Working with Templates
Content Protection
Setup Membership Sites
Membership Access Page
Membership Area Page
Membership Content Pages
Purchase E-mail Template
Provide Manual Access
Autoresponder Options - Part 1
Autoresponder Options - Part 2
Integrate JVZoo - Part 1
Integrate JVZoo - Part 2
Integrate WarriorPlus - Part 1
Integrate WarriorPlus - Part 2
Integrate PayPal - Part 1
Integrate PayPal - Part 2
Zapier Integration
Import and Export Contacts
WordPress ClickFunnels Integration

Wix Website Building Tutorials

Wix Overview
Wix Account Setup
Wix Partner Affiliate Program
Sign Up and Basic Design
Adding a Section
Adding a Page
General Settings
Adding a Contributor
Advanced Settings
Automated Order E-mails
Advanced Settings Paid Videos
Advanced Settings Wix E-mail Inbox
Advanced Settings Quotes and Invoices
Video Settings - Part 1
Video Settings - Part 2
Live Streaming Video - Part 1
Live Streaming Video - Part 2
Live Streaming Codecs and Channels
Blog Post Creation
Add the Chat App
Add the Blog App
Add the Instagram Feed
Add the Video App
Add the Events App
Add the Members Area
Add a Bookings App
Add a Music App - Part 1
Add a Music App - Part 2
Switching to Wix Editor
Wix Editor - Part 2
Wix Editor - Part 3 Backgrounds
Wix Editor - Part 4 Add Button
Wix Editor - Part 5 Media
Wix Editor - Part 6 Blog Management
Wix Editor Tools
Wix App Market - Part 1
Wix App Market - Part 2

Shopify eCommerce Tutorials

Shopify Overview
Shopify Plans and Pricing
Account Creation Startup
General Setttings
Payment Methods
Thrivecart Integration
Customer Checkout Options
Customer Shipping Options
Tax Calculation and Collection
Customize Notifications
Integrate PayPal Account
Integrate Authorize Net
Account Administration
Legal Policy Pages
Physical Product Setup
Digital Product Setup
Testing Your Product Purchase
Customer Research
Customer Discounts
Blog Pages and Post
Theme Pages
Store Navigation
Setup Domains
Store Preferences
Sales Channels Point of Sale
Sales Channels Online Buy Button
Sales Channels Facebook and Instagram
Sales Channels Facebook Messenger
Sales Channels Amazon
Shopify and MailChimp
Shopify and Aweber
Shopify and GetResponse
Setup Campaigns
Shopify and Zoom
Shopify and GoToWebinar
Live Example - Part 1
Live Example - Part 2
Zapier Integration

Document, Slides and Spreadsheet Lessons...

Word Document Tutorials

Word Overview
File Menu - Part 1
File Menu - Part 2
Home Menu - Part 1
Home Menu - Part 2 Styles
Insert Menu - Part 1
Insert Menu - Part 2
Design Menu
Layout Menu
References Menu
Create Table of Contents
Mailings Menu
Review Menu - Part 1
Review Menu - Part 2
Review Menu Resume Assistant
View Menu
Basic Document Creation - Part 1
Basic Document Creation - Part 2
File Type Saving
Import From PowerPoint
Import From Word to PowerPoint
File Menu Import Content From Excel
File Menu
Voice Recognition and Dictation
Insert Menu Document Items
Text and Symbols Tab
Design Menu Page Background
Layout Menu
References Section Index Tab
Mail Merge - Part 1
Mail Merge - Part 2
Review Menu Protect Tab
Review Menu Compare Tab
Review Menu Resume Assistant Tab
Review Menu Linked Notes
View Menu Windows Tab
Interface With Google Docs
Mobile Integration

PowerPoint Slide Tutorials

PowerPoint Overview
Right Click Functions
Home Menu Clipboard & Editing
Home Menu Slides Sub Menu
Home Menu Font and Paragraph
Home Menu Drawing & Dictation
Import From Keynote and Google Docs
Insert Menu 3D Models and Add Ins
Insert Menu The Images Sub Menu
Insert Menu Media Sub Menu
The Design Menu
The Transitions Menu
The Animations Menu - Part 1
The Animations Menu - Part 2
The Slide Show Menu
The Presenter View
The Review Menu
Sharing and Collaboration
The View Menu
View and Outline Command Example
The File Menu Export Command
The File Menu Options Sub Menu
Adding Sections
Using Smart Art
Create Hyperlinks
Adding 3D Images
Using Actions Button
Using Zoom Feature
Using Screen Recorder
Use Picture Background
Slide Master - Picture Background
Use Slide Sorter View
Use Presenter View
Record Your Presentation
Present Your Presentation Online
Insert Menu Add Ins
Add Ins Camtasia

Excel Tutorials

Excel Overview
Interface Walkthrough
File Menu - Part 1
File Menu - Part 2
Home Menu
Insert Menu
Page Layout Menu
Formulas Menu
Data Menu - Part 1
Data Menu - Part 2
Review Menu
View Menu
Using Templates
Using Dates
Using Numbers
Using Text
Calculations - Part 1
Calculations - Part 2
Page Set Up
Print Settings
Calculations Absolute References
Calculations Relative References
Using Logical Formulas
Using Text Formulas
Using Lookup Formulas
Using Financial Formulas
Using Date and Time Formulas
Sorting Data
Formatting Data Into Tables
Using Pivot Tables - Part 1
Using Pivot Tables - Part 2 Design
Formatting Data as Charts
Format Data as Maps
Format Data as Formal Reports
Format Data for Other Office Documents
Cell Protection and Collaboration - Part 1
Cell Protection and Collaboration - Part 2
Interface With Google Sheets

Membership Site Creation...

AMember Membership Tutorials

Amember Overview
Amember Prices
Download and Extract Amember
Upload to Server Through FTP
Setup the Database and Admin Pages
Admin Setup Global Settings
Setup Plugins
Setup Transactional E-mail - Part 1
Setup Transactional E-mail - Part 2
Setup PDF Invoices
Customize the Login Page
Customize the Video Player
Customize Personal Data Settings
Customize Your Payment System
Customize Your Autoresponder E-mail
Setup a Backup Payment System
Setup the Help Desk
Create a New Product
Create a Buy Button
Create Recurring Products
Manage Multiple Products
One-Time Offer Integration
Manage Users - Part 1
Manage Users - Part 2
Manage Content - Part 1
Manage Content - Part 2
Manage Content - Part 3
Setup Your Help Desk

WarriorPlus Integration - Part 1
WarriorPlus Integration - Part 2
Edit Standard Forms
Customer Blacklist
WordPress Integration
E-mail Broadcast Newsletters
Affiliate Management
Amazon S3 Integration
Facebook Integration
Cron Jobs

WishList Member Tutorials

WishList Member Overview
WishList Member Pricing
Wordpress Installation
WishList Member Installation
WishList Member Affiliate Program
Payment Gateway Integration
PayPal Integration
JVZoo Integration
E-mail Autoresponder Integration
Zapier Integration
Setup Membership Levels - Part 1
Setup Membership Levels - Part 2
Configuring Error Messages
Other Administration Settings
File Protection
Folder Protection
Protected Pages
Payment and E-mail Connection
Test Logins and Redirects
Page Access for Members Only
Import Members
Export Members
Member Research and Service
Sequential Upgrade - Part 1
Sequential Upgrade - Part 2
Sequential Upgrade - Part 3
Setup Cron Jobs
Broadcast E-mails
Blacklist Customers
Data Privacy - Part 1
Data Privacy - Part 2
Logins and Passwords
Create Custom Registrations
Category Protection
Live Example JVZoo
Live Example ThriveCart
WarriorPlus - Part 1
WarriorPlus - Part 2

Marketplaces to Sell Products...

Udemy Tutorials

Udemy Overview and Revenue
Tools You Need to Get Started
Create a Udemy Course Outline
Instructor Support
Udemy Promotional Resources
Transfer Outline to Slides
Outline Each Module
Record Video Modules - Part 1
Record Video Modules - Part 2
Edit Video Modules
Create Audio Modules
Edit Audio Modules
Create Text Modules - Part 1
Create Text Modules - Part 2
Upload Modules
Interactive Elements From Cloud Drive
Interactive Video Mashup
Interactive Cirriculum Elements
Descriptions and Course Review
Udemy Marketing Home Base
Udemy Course Promotion
Reviews and Social Proof
Recruit Affiliates
Online Forums
Social Media
Regular Broadcasting
Regular Training
Your Youtube Channel
Offline and Local Strategies
Promote on Linkedin
Produce More Courses
Sell on JVZoo and WarriorPlus
Document Sharing
Build an Opt-in List
Build a Subscriber List
Sell on Amazon Video Direct
Sell on Amazon Kindle

Skillshare Tutorials

Skillshare Overview
Why Use Skillshare
How You Earn Revenue
Minimum Equipment Required
Policies and Screening
Skillshare Account Setup
Create a Course Outline
Should You Use PLR
Create Course Content
Record Your Course
Edit Your Course Videos
Increase Audio Quality in Video
Annotate Your Course Video
Create a Promotional Video
Upload Content to Skillshare
Setup Course and Sample Video
Make Referrals
Teacher Challenge Workshop
Student Engagement
Subsequent Courses
Free Courses
Course Calendar
Build Followers
SEO Page Optimization
Build a Home Base
Brand on Skillshare
Graphics for Branding
Promote on Facebook
Promote on Youtube
Promote on Pinterest
Promote on Instagram
Other Platforms to Promote
Email Setup
Affiliate Program
Offline Method
Document Sharing
Repurpose Content

Kindle Tutorials

Kindle Publishing Overview
Content Guidelines
Are Links Permitted
Create an Account
Match Book Type
Install Kindle Create
Build Your Table of Contents
Select a Theme
Format the Title Page
Format the Chapter Pages
Format Your Text
Edit Your Text
Add Text
Create Your Cover
Preview and Publish Your Book
Complex Documents From PDF
Preserve Links in Your Document
Add Audio and Video as an Icon
Add Audio and Video as Hyperlinks
Upgrade Your Cover
Free Book Promotion
Do a Kindle Countdown Deal
Do a Kindle Pre-order
Do a Kindle Book Giveaway
Provide Free Copy for Reviewers
Using Instant Book Review
KDP Select Program - Part 1
KDP Select Program - Part 2
Amazon Associates Program
Use Amazon Storefront
Use Amazon Influencer Program
Create a Paperback Version
Create an Audiobook
Setup an Author Blog
Setup Social Media Platforms
Online Author Events
Setup Author Video Channel
Setup Author Central

Amazon ACX Tutorials

Amazon ACX Overview
Signup for ACX Account
ACX Requirements Page
Hiring a Narrator
Equipment Required to Create Audio
Layout of Your Manuscript
Things to Remember When Recording
Record Your Manuscript
Record and Edit Your Manuscript
Process Your Edits
Opening and Closing Credits
Audio Sample Creation
Claim and Upload Process - Part 1
Claim and Upload Process - Part 2
Claim and Upload Process - Part 3 Cover Art
Claim and Upload Process - Part 4 Final
Start Author Central Account (and Claim Your Book)
Author Page - Part 1
Author Page - Part 2
Rebrandable Content or PLR
Tools Needed
Strip Video into Audio
Break Existing Audio into Chapters
Narrate and Edit Chapter Headers
Noise Removal and Sound Endings
Save the Chapter Project File
Render Audios
Transcribe Audio
Edit Transcription
Kindle Upload
Edit and Publish on Kindle
Using PSD Template for Kindle
Blog for Author Central Page
Your Influencer Page - Part 1
Your Influencer Page - Part 2
Run an Amazon Giveaway
Promotional Bounties

Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon Overview
Royalties and Compensation
Create and Setup Account
Additional Accounts
Additional Users
Equipment Needed
Find Your Niche
Content Creation - Part 1
Content Creation - Part 2
Instructional Videos - Part 1
Instructional Videos - Part 2
Demonstration Videos - Part 1
Demonstration Videos - Part 2
Artwork for Videos and Account
Captions for Your Content
Publishing - Part 1
Publishing - Part 2 Standalone Titles
Publishing Episodic Titles
Create Your Landing Pages
Amazon Promotional Tools
Self Promoting in Your Video
Create Promotinal Video
Where to Collect Leads
Setup E-mail Autoreponder
Optimize for Search
Connect to Amazon Author Central
Repurpose Content into Text
Repurpose Content to Paperback
Repurpose Paperback to Kindle
Repurpose to DVDs on Create Space
Promote Amazon Videos on Wordpress
Promote Videos on Youtube Channel
Promote Videos on Twitter Feed
Promote Events and Content on Facebook
Promote Content Locally Online
Promote Content Locally Offline
Promote Your Content Using Live Video

Kunaki Tutorials

Kunaki Overview
Kunaki Setup and Pricing
Copy Media for Kunaki Content
Create an MP3 CD
Upload and Create CD - Part 1
Upload and Create CD - Part 2
Create CD Artwork Designs
Create DVD Video
Create and Upload for DVDs
Artwork for DVD
Create Empty Discs
Mailing in Your Disc Content
Create a Data DVD
Create Data DVD Disks No Artwork
Create an ISO File for Data DVD
Use Text Files to Create Audio Book
Use MP3 Files to Create Audio Book
Create and Upload Artwork
Create and Ship Products to Yourself
Send to Multiple Addresses
Design of DVD Cover - Part 1
Design of DVD Cover - Part 2
Upload DVD Art
Design CD Cover - Part 1
Design CD Cover - Part 2
Upload CD Content
Enter Metadata for Product
Setup Kunaki Sales Links
Manual Sales Through Affiliate Network
Integrate With ClickFunnels
Integrate With Shopify
Integrate With ThriveCart
Integrate With Wordpress - Part 1
Integrate With Wordpress - Part 2
Integrate With Amazon Advantage - P1
Integrate With Amazon Advantage - P2
Sell Through Amazon FBA
Sell Through eBay

Video Creation and Live Streaming...

YouTube Streaming Tutorials

YouTube Streaming Overview
Requirements for Desktop Streaming
Recommended Equipment - Part 1
Recommended Equipment - Part 2
Create an Account
Channel Status and Features
Setup the Upload Defaults
Setup the Branding
Create an Associated Website
Private Unlisted and Public
Go Live From Your Desktop
Using the Events Tab
Advanced Settings for Streaming
Google Livestream Settings
Google Livestream Left Margin Tools
Start the Google Livestream
Google Slides Alternative to Chat
YouTube Facebook Combined Streaming
Streaming Through Mobile
Your Direct Shareable Link
Embed Your Live Stream
Embed Live Stream on Social Media
Excerpted Videos on Social Media
Channel Promotional Tools - Part 1
Channel Promotional Tools - Part 2
Create a Channel Trailer
Create a Subscribe Link
Blur Out Information in Recording
Customize Thumbnails
Add End Screens
Add Cards
Subtitles and Closed Captions
Setup Playlists
Advanced Settings Increase Viewers
Community Subscriptions
Adding Audio
Personalize Channel URL

Facebook Streaming Tutorials

Facebook Streaming Overview
Required Mobile Equipment
Recommended Mobile Equipment
Required Desktop Equipment
Recommended Desktop Equipment
Share Your Screen on Facebook Live
Share Your Cam on Facebook Live
Go Live on Your Personal Profile
Go Live into a Group
Go Live on Your Page
Go Live From Mobile Device
Download Your Video
Using Facebook Creator Studio
FB Creator Content Studio Library
FB Creator Studio Insights
FB Live Monetization
FB Creator Launchpad
FB Creator Rights Manager
FB Creator Sudio Preferences
Go Live on FB Pages and FB Groups
Why Use OBS and Not Camera View
Download OBS Studio
Install OBS Studio
Basic Settings
Scenes Then Sources
Capture with Camera
Capture the Audio
Capture Monitor
Layering Sources
Connect to Facebook
Troubleshoot Grey Screen in OBS
Download Streamlabs OBS
Install Streamlabs OBS
Scenes and Sources
Screens and Monitors
Capture Audio and Video
Work in Studio Mode
Connect to Facebook
Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio

Zoom Tutorials

Zoom Overview
Zoom Plans and Pricing
Referral and Partnership Program
Meeting Settings
Add in Your Calendar
User Settings
Live Closed Captioning
Create a Meeting - Part 1
Create a Meeting - Part 2
Create a Webinar - Part 1
Create a Webinar - Part 2
Mobile Meetings and Webinars
Schedule With Calendar
Manage Your Zoom Recording
Edit Your Zoom Recording
Transcribe Your Recording
Native Integrations YouTube Upload
Storage Integrations
Transcribe Your Recording
On Demand Webinars - Part 1
On Demand Webinars - Part 2
Stream Webinars to Facebook - Part 1
Stream Webinars to Facebook - Part 2
Stream Webinars to YouTube - Part 1
Stream Webinars to YouTube - Part 2
Zapier Integrations Overview
Integrate Zoom With Aweber
Integrate Zoom With Getresponse
Integrate Zoom With Meetup
Integrate Zoom With EventBrite
Integrate Zoom With PayPal
Integrate Zoom With Stripe
Integrate Zoom With ManyChat
Integration With Skype for Business
Live Example - Part 1
Live Example - Part 2
Live Example - Part 3

iTunes Tutorials

iTunes Podcast Overview
Minimum Hardware Solution
Minimum Software Solution
Audacity Audio Creation
Camtasia Audio Content Creation
AnchorFM Audio Content Creation
BlogTalkRadio Audio Content Creation
FreeConferenceCall Audio Content Creation
Skype Audio Content Creation
GoToWebinar Audio Content Creation
Repurpose Live Video into Audio - Part 1
Repurpose Live Video into Audio - Part 2
Podcast Intro and Outro
Audio Editing and Adding Intro
Audio Editing Noise Reduction
Podcast Hosting
Podcast Artwork
Submit Your Podcast - Part 1
Submit Your Podcast - Part 2
Your Podcast Website
Turn Your Podcast into Video
Promote Podcast on Youtube
Promote Podcast on Youtube - Part 1
Promote Podcast on Youtube - Part 2
Promote Podcast on Twitter
Promote Podcast on Pinterest
Promote Content on LinkedIn
Promote Podcast to Facebook - Part 1
Promote Podcast on Facebook - Part 2
Create Podcast Transcript
Promote Podcast on Website
Promote Podcast Offline QRCode
Build Email Subscriber List - Part 1
Build Email Subscriber List - Part 2
Build Email Subscriber List - Part 3
Monetize Your Podcast - Part 1
Monetize Your Podcast - Part 2

Podcast Tutorials

Host Interview Show Overview
Minimum Equipment Requirements
Create a Home Base for Your Show
Find Interviewees
Setup Your Scheduling Call
Recording Platforms
Create Live Interviews With Youtube Live
Create Interviews With GoToWebinar
Create Video Interviews With Zoom
Use Skype and Free Conference Call
Edit and Clean Your Video
Edit Your Audio Recording
Format Your Recording
Host Your Audio Recording
Host Your Video Recording
Using AnchorFM
Interview Others on AnchorFM
Speed Up Connection for AnchorFM
Syndicate to iTunes and Google Play
Syndicate to Youtube
Post Interview to Your Site
Host Interview Show Advance Overview
Audio and Video Conversion to Text
Build Audience with Social Media
Build Audience with Search Engines
Build Audience with Collaborations
Build Audience with Virtual Summits
Build Audience with Audio Syndication
Build Audience with Video Syndication
Monetize with Info Products as Affiliate
Monetize with Consumer Products
Monetize as Amazon Product Creator
Monetize with Live in Person Events
Monetize with Speaking Events
Monetize with Show Merchandise
Monetize With Content Membership
Monetize as Infomarketer With Udemy
Monetize as Information Marketer
Monetize Through Sponsorship
Monetize Through Crowdfunding

Traffic Generation with Social Media and Running Webinars...

Instagram Tutorials

Instagram Overview
Setup Your Account
Mobile Application
Profile Set Up
Profile Privacy
Link Trees
Create Opt-in Form
Make Connections
Content Creation Tools
Capture Camera Video
Capture Screen Video
Desktop Screen Shot
Mobile Video Creation
Mobile Screen Shot
Image Posts - Part 1
Image Posts - Part 2
Story Post Creation
Story Posts
Note About Story Posts
Create Highlights
Use Instagram Nametags
Use Tailwind
Instagram Video Uploads
Share Content on Instagram - Part 1
Share Content on Instagram - Part 2
Share Instagram Content to Facebook
Zapier Integration With Facebook
Zapier Integration With Pinterest
Zapier Integration With Twitter
Archive to Google Drive and Dropbox
Instagram to Wordpress Integration
WordPress to Instagram Integration
Use Influencer Sites
Monetize Instagram Following
Notes on Shopify Integration
Direct Messaging and Group Chat
Sponsored Posts
Instagram Ads

Pinterest Tutorials

Pinterest Overview
The Pinterest Mission
Mobile Application
Setup Your Profile
Claiming Accounts
Other Settings
Upgrading to Business
Create Boards
Create Pins
Create Communities
Zapier Integrations
Create Image Content for Pins
Create Video Content for Pins
Create Audio Content for Pins
Schedule Pins
Share Buttons for WordPress
Your Newsfeed
Create a Sponsored Post
Track Traffic from Pinterest
Track Pinterest Activity
Doing Keyword Research
Check Images Are Saved
Optimize Your Pins
One Post Multiple Pins
Advanced Post Scheduling
Create Rich Pins - Part 1
Create Rich Pins - Part 2
Creat Rich Pins - Part 3
Live Example Overview
Keyword Research
Create an Optimized Board
Create Pin Image Content - Part 1
Create Pin Image Content - Part 2
Create Image Content Pointing to a Video
Create an Optimized Pin for Articles
Create an Optimized Pin for Products
Scheduling Pins
Fresh Pins Strategy

Snapchat Tutorials

Snapchat Overview
Snapchat App Installation
Create Your Snapcode
Bitmoji to Create Your Snapcode
Create Snap Content
Snap Camera Controls
Add Text to a Snap
Annotations to the Snap - Part 1
Annotations to the Snap - Part 2
Annotations to the Snap - Part 3 Video
Snapchat Send Options
Snapchat Stories - Part 1
Snapchat Stories - Part 2
Snapchat Ads Account Setup
Ads Platform Interface - Part 1
Ads Platform Interface - Part 2
Upload Catalog to Ads Platform
Advanced Create in Platform Interface
Create Team Members
Snapchat Analytics
Community Filters
Snapchat Paid Filters
Shapchat Filter Ads
Snapchat Lenses
Memories and Content
Bitmoji Merch
Multiple Ad Accounts
Story Ads
Collection Ads
Create Snap Image Content
Create Snap Ad Content Video
Different Ad Attachments
Deep Link Ad Attachment
Snap Pixels
Snapchat Custom Audiences
Branded Snap Image
Branded Lens Creation
Ad Creation

LinkedIn Tutorials

LinkedIn Overview
LinkedIn Plans and Pricing
LinkedIn as a Search Engine
Setup Your Profile - Part 1
Setup Your Profile - Part 2
Account Settings - Part 1
Account Settings - Part 2
Create Personalized LinkedIn URL
Setup Your Company Page
Your Newsfeed
Import Your Contacts
Make New Connections
Accept Invitations
Manage Notifications
Post Written Content
Post Audio and Video
Your SSI Ranking
Participation in Groups
Create Groups
Decide on a Target Market
Upgrades and Categories - Part 1
Upgrades and Categories - Part 2
Using LinkedIn InMail
Attraction vs Cold Messaging
Who Viewed Your Profile
Optimize Your Posts
Optimize Your Engagement
Accept New Requests - Part 1
Accept New Requests - Part 2
Using Sales Navigator - Part 1
Using Sales Navigator - Part 2
Invite New Connections - Part 1
Invite New Connections - Part 2
Post Company Branded Content
Post Your Company's Job
How to Look for a Job
How to Look for a Client

GoToWebinar Tutorials

GoToWebinar Overview
GoToWebinar Plans and Pricing
Admin Center User Settings
Webinar and Meeting Settings
Admin Center General Settings
Admin Center Settings Templates
Schedule a Webinar
Types of Webinars
Setup Panel
Sharing Panel
Source Tracking
Increase Engagement
Webinar Settings
Starting the Webinar
Hosting the Webinar - Part 1
Hosting the Webinar - Part 2
Webinar History and Post Webinar Issues
Managing the Recordings
Insights and Reports
GoToMeeting Settings
Scheduling a Meeting
Meeting Invitations
Starting a Meeting
Meeting Settings Menu
Meeting Preferences
Host Meeting Sharing Screen
Host Meeting Sharing Webcam
Managing the Meeting Recording
Automated Webinar Setup Panel
Automated Webinar Simuated Live
Automated Webinar Source Tracking
Automated Webinar Engagement Panel
Automated Webinar Share Panel
Custom Webinar Channels - Part 1
Custom Webinar Channels - Part 2
GoToWebinar Integrations
GoToWebinar and Zapier Integrations
GoToWebinar and Autoresponder Integration

Digital Marketing Essentials...

Online Business Startup

Information Business Kickstart
What if You Need a Jumpstart
Things to Consider in Your Jumpstart
Profitable Activities to Get Started
The Four Things You Need to Do

Technical Troubleshooting
Overcoming Technical Issues
Technical Training and Building a Team
Power of One - One Project One Plan
Eliminate Weaknesses and Constraints

Digital Marketing Launch Formula
Creating a Product Launch
The Internet Marketing Niche Your Idea
Visitors Salesletter and Graphics
Affiliate Relations and the Tease
Product Funnels and List Building

Digital Business Online Security
Common Steps to Web Security
Purchases Payments and Cloud Backups
Hardware WordPress and Payments
GDPR Head Start Workshop

Affiliate Marketing

Instant Niche Profits
Information Marketing Strategy
Your Traffic Driving Medium
Create Interesting Content
Create Products and Keep List Engaged

Affiliate Marketing Essentials
Structure and Strategy
Get Good at Promoting
Use a Landing Page
Affiliate Launch Marketing

Affiliate Launch Marketing
Affiliate Launch Marketing
Selling Internet Marketing Products
Selling High-Ticket Affiliate Products

Blogging Essentials
Structure and Strategy
Get Good at Promoting
Use a Landing Page
Affiliate Launch Marketing

Email Marketing Tutorials

Email Marketing Maestro
Develop Your Own Dot Com Voice
Delivery and Open Rates
Build Authority through Consistency
Develop Curiousity and Immersion
Write Emails Daily

Rapid Leads Formula
Why Start in the MMO Niche
Why Develop Your Own Offers
Launch Offer on Marketing Network
Setup Emails for Auto Signups
Setup Emails for Single Optins
Use Automated Viral Application

List Growth Strategies
Know Your Email Marketing List
Offer a Gift that People Want
Content Equals Traffic
Consistent Content for Consistent Growth
Product Launch Lead Collection Strategy
Profit from Backend Sales

Product Creation

Product Creation Formula
Developing Products From PLR
The Product Snowball Method
Tips for Time Based Projects
Tools and Strategies That Will Help You
The Goal of the Product Snowball

The Passive Sales System
Get 1000 Customers to Spend $100
Where to Embed Your Offers
Map Your Customer Path
Your Product is and Who to Attract

Tiny Reports Big Profits
How Are Short Reports Used
Creating Unique Short Reports
Strategy With Tiny Reports
Where and How to Deploy Your Content

PLR Business Kickstart
30 Day Product Creation Plan
Delivery Logistics Evidence and Proof
Gather Social Proof and Recruit Affiliates

Content Creation

Content Factory Mastery
What is a Content Factory
Unique Raw Materials
Determine the Delivery Process

Content Profit Express
Original Profitable Content
Structure of Profitable Content
Monetization Categories
Get into Production Mode
Stay in Production Mode

Sales Copy Essentials
How Important is Sales Copy
Headline Features and Benefits
Proof Testimonials and Risk Reduction
Practice Makes Perfect

Coaching Profits
Coaching is End of Funnel
Coaching is Content
Repurpose Your Content

Sales and Conversions

Instant Profit Boosters
Increase Profits With Zero Extra Effort
Questions to Ask and Affiliate Offers
Tools You Need and Multiple Offers
Simple Ideas to Promote Your Offers
Your Business Model Means Everything

Easy Conversion Formula
Systemize the Fundamentals
Affiliates Go Beyond Swipes
Get Good at Pre-Selling and Bonuses
Simplify Your Bonus Page Copy
Develop Consistency in Email
Broadcast and Online Radio Host

EPC Conversion Mastery
The Importance of EPC
Product Sales Funnel EPC
Affiliate Commissions EPC
Email Autoresponder EPC
Sales Funnel EPC in Detail
Affiliate Commission EPC in Detail
Boost EPC with Prelaunch
Boost EPC with Special Bonuses

Plus Much More...

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Video Coaching Club

To Your Success! Terence Phillips and Aaron Danker
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Terence has a passion for internet marketing with plenty of experience and a growing knowledge of the industry. Terence is comitted to helping you grow your online business and achieve real tangible results that you can be proud of. If you have any pre-sale questions about this product, please contact Support@MyOnlineDigitalEmpire.com for help and support and your questions will be answered you as soon as possible.

Aaron Danker is an established internet marketer with over 10 years of online experience. He provides high level turn-key solutions and website installation services for beginners and has recently turned to coaching to share his knowledge and expertise with dedicated students. Video Coaching Club is the result of years of marketing experience all condensed into one powerful and easy-to-use learning platform to help solve problems every entrepreneur will face.

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